Sunday, April 26, 2009

Going once, Going twice, SOLD! :)

Avery & Kenadee (During the garage sale)

Avery, Kenadee

Avery & Kenadee playing with their musical table

Avery, Kenadee

We had a garage sale yesterday and it went great! We sold out completely! We sold everything we intended on selling (all the big stuff and a lot of the small stuff), and then a very nice man came by and paid us for everything we had left AND hauled it off for us! YAY! We were so excited that we sold out, had everything cleaned up, and were eating lunch by 1:30pm! Yippie! Thank you, Lord! The girls enjoyed their weekend as well, even though they haven't felt great lately (Pink eye, fever, and tons of's been a blast, lol). Gran & PawPaw came down to help with the garage sale and the babies so that's probably why it went so smoothly! Avery is a BIG PawPaw fan! She teared up when I got her to give her hugs and kisses after she woke up. She started crying and reaching for PawPaw...made me feel sad, lol, but it sure made PawPaw's day! Anyway, we had a great weekend, a great garage sale, and now we're looking forward to another super crazy & hectic week! They've all been that way lately! I'll update when I have more to report...but that's it for now! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Update & Easter Weekend :)

Avery & Her Easter Basket

Kenadee & Her Easter Basket

Kenadee, Avery

Instead of Waldo, .... "Where's Avery?"

Playing Sweetly (This has been happening more lately!)

First of all, some updates. We are moving to Van, Texas! Van is a 3-A school in East Texas where we have LOTS of family (and friends)! YAY! Jason will be teaching Biology, coaching the secondary in football (like he does now at Henrietta, which is a 2-A school), and coaching track in the Spring. My job is not completely nailed down yet, but we're pretty certain it will be Freshman English (which is what I'm teaching now). We have already found a house and are in the process of buying! We will close on our new house at the end of May! We're really excited for several reasons. One: It's our first home to buy! Two: It's a brand new house (only been lived in for 2-3 months).
We went to East Texas this past weekend for Easter, but also because they were doing our home inspection....a great excuse to get to go back to our new house and look around (and plannnnn, lol). Being Easter weekend, we were excited to get to spend the weekend with Gran & PawPaw, get to see Uncle Ryano, and go to church! We got to do two of the three! We got up Sunday morning, got completely dressed and ready for church, got one baby loaded into the car, and realized we had a flat! Gran had already left for church in her car, PawPaw had to drive his company truck because he was on-call, and could have been called out....which left us STRANDED. On Easter. Two years in a row that we didn't get to go to church on Easter (last year we were at Cook Children's with itty bitty babies) seems so...strange and sacrilegious to not be in church on Sunday...but what can you do? :) We were grateful that the flat happened in front of Gran & PawPaw's house though, instead of on the road somewhere! And, we were able to get it fixed that day and get back home safely, so it turned out okay.
Regardless, the Easter bunny (not that he's sacrilegious at all, LOL) did come and bring Avery & Kenadee some goodies :) And, before I close, Uncle Ryan found out today that he passed his teacher certification test! We're sooo excited for you, "Ry-Ry". We love you! Ok...that's it for this one! Hope you enjoy the pictures!