Sunday, August 31, 2008

Busy Little Bees...

What a whirlwind this last week and a half has been! Now that school has started back, and football is in full swing, we are running ourselves ragged. Everyone is doing well though, and trying to re-adjust into this busy lifestyle that we almost forgot existed during our relaxing summer!

This past week we started fruits. It didn't quite go as we had expected. We started with peaches because that is something that both Momma & Daddy like, so we assumed that the girls would love them too. WRONG! Then we tried bananas & they hated them too! They take after their Momma on the bananas...ick. We were beginning to think that Avery & Kenadee were just going to be veggie lovers, but when we tried the applesauce, we hit the jackpot. They loved the applesauce! YAY! We still have pears to try, but we're having applesauce for the next few days first. So far, both babies like and dislike the same foods. The veggies they love are squash, peas, and sweet potatoes. And, so far, the only fruit they like is applesauce. Hopefully they'll like pears too. We'll find out pretty soon :)

The babies have both turned into little chatter boxes. It's hilarious. They talk constantly. They love to chit chat with each other, with Momma & Daddy, and with anyone else who will listen. They've been rolling over more and more and more. Sometimes, it's at the most inopportune times. They like to turn their little tricks when they're supposed to be sleeping. Turning over tends to ruin nap time, as it wakes them up when they roll.

Today, Kenadee made Momma's day. She was in her exersaucer (which they both LOVEEEEEE...thank you Gran & PawPaw!) and I thought she might be ready to get out, so I went over to her and said, "Are you ready to get out of there, Kenadee?" And guess what that little toot did??? She REACHED FOR MOMMA!! Wooohooo! I was so excited that I took a few steps back, walked up to her again, and asked the same question (getting Jason's attention first so he could watch), and she did it again. What a smart girl. :)

The last couple of weeks have been a very busy time and have gone by so fast. School has started back, football is going on, and we are constantly on the go. Oh, and ... ta duh ... our babysitter quit. Luckily, we had a backup plan in case that happened, and our new babysitter (who will be fabulous and better not quit or I'll kill her, lol) starts on Tuesday. We've been really busy & the girls are growing up so fast. It's hard to believe they're nearly 1/2 a year old. Where does the time go?? Well, anyway...I guess that's it for this entry. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

Avery & Kenadee are now five months old!! They are enjoying all kinds of activities these days. Life is so much fun! They love sitting in their new Bumbo seats. They can sit up on their own when they are in these seats. It helps them with their balance, which is good because they will probably be sitting up on their own sometime very soon. They are getting stronger and stronger each and every day. They like to scoot all over the floor (practicing for Olympic Crawling Events, haha). They're not crawling yet but they really enjoy wiggling all around, especially when getting their diapers changed. :) They've also really been enjoying bath time lately. When they were first born, baths were horrendous. But, lately they are tons of fun. We get to see a lot of laughs and bubbly smiles. They both really enjoy books at night. Momma & Daddy have fun reading to them, and they just smile and look at all the pictures. They really focus on the books that we read to them. It's neat to see how interested they are already! Both babies are eating like champs. Kenadee has decided that she likes squash after all. We're going to start fruits this coming week so we'll be sure to post some pictures of that later on. Avery & Kenadee got to meet their cousins, Beau & John Michael, for the very first time. They enjoyed getting to play with them. They can't wait to see them again soon so Beau can hold them again!! I'm attaching some pictures for your enjoyment. The patriotic picture was on their 5 month birthday. There are also some bath pictures, one of Daddy reading to the girls, and one of them in their little purple Bumbo seats. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cooler than the other side of the pillow...

Well, the babies are just growing and growing! I cannot believe they are about to be 5 months old already! Time is going by so fast. Both babies are enjoying getting to eat "real" food. Avery loves peas, sweet potatoes, green beans, and squash...Kenadee loves peas and sweet potatoes ONLY. Both babies absolutely DESPISE carrots. I would have thought carrots would have tasted sweet to them, but they both did nothing but make terrible faces and gag when we tried to feed them carrots. They were pretty sure Momma and Daddy were trying to poison them, lol. So...we won't be doing that again. We will be starting some fruits in a couple of weeks probably. They'll probably like those a lot better. We'll see...

Avery & Kenadee got to play with their friend Delana Friday night! She is only 3 weeks older than they are :) Uncle Ryan came down on Thursday & then PawPaw & Gran came down for the weekend on Friday evening. We had a great weekend visit. We took the girls to church again Sunday (their second week of going to the nursery) and it was great! They even had a Sunday School sheet in their bag about "Helping Others" haha :) We took the girls to On The Border after church on Sunday and they proved to Daddy that they could be really good girls in restaurants. They did great! YAY!

I'm posting some pictures from this past week. Hope you enjoy! :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Live, LAUGH, Love...

This has been a really busy week for us! Last Sunday we had to go to Eastland for a funeral, so we took full advantage of the trip and visited with friends and family. Then, Daddy had to start back to work on Monday for football meetings. It's hard to believe that it's already August and that school and football are just around the corner!

Tonight we went to a get together with some friends and Avery & Kenadee got to play with their friends too (Sadie & Aubrie). I wish I had some pictures of that. It was cute how the babies would talk to each other. Sadie is 4, but Aubrie is only 4 months older than Avery & Kenadee. They were really looking each other over and cooing and "talking". Sooo cute.

Avery and Kenadee are really turning into professional eaters. This week's vegetable has been sweet potatoes. We're pretty sure that Avery will eat just about anything we put in her mouth (lol), but Kenadee LOVED the sweet potatoes and was very grateful for something other than peas (although she really did start liking peas after a few days last week). I think next week we are going to start green beans and see how that goes.

Both babies have started laughing this week! Their giggles are sooo cute, but you really have to earn them...making a complete idiot of yourself with the goofy faces and sounds. But, it really is adorable to hear them giggle.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. They are just some snapshots of the past week. The one of Kenadee with the ring on her arm needs some additional explanation...that is one of those toys where you link all the rings together. We had her on her mat in the middle of the living room floor & we were in the kitchen. When we went back into the living room, she had that on her arm. She had decided that she needed some bling bling, haha. I told Daddy that he was going to have to take her (and Momma of course) to Sam Moon to do some jewelry shopping, but I don't think he liked that idea too much. Since then, we have found BOTH babies several times with those "bracelets" on their arms and they've just put them on themselves. Too funny.

Well, I guess that's it for this entry. Hope you enjoy the pictures :)