Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rah! Rah! Ree! Kick 'Em In The Knee!

Well, I finally had a second to sit down and update this blog. I know some of you had given up on the thought that I'd ever really get it updated again, but here goes! We are all doing GREAT. We are staying so busy that we don't know if we're going or coming on most days, but life is good. Football season keeps us busy and missing Daddy, but we see him as much as we can. The girls are growing and growing (too fast). They are both very mobile, and they have both developed the hobby of "climbing". They are into EVERYTHING. It's hilarious. They are talking a lot more, and doing funny things every day.

We had their 18 month pediatrician appointment this morning (9/29), and Dr. Everett said they were perfect (but we already knew that, right?), and he was very pleased with their progress. Avery weighed in at 23.2 lbs (31st percentile) and was 31.75 inches tall (49th percentile). Kenadee weighed in at 26.8 lbs (79th percentile) and 34.5 inches tall (99th percentile!!). We are hoping Kenadee gets a little athletic ability because wowwwwww...that girl is tall. They are both progressing perfectly, and overall, it was a great visit to the doctor. They don't go back to the pediatrician again until they turn 2. How in the world is that "not so far away"?? I swear it seems like last week that they were born. Amazing.

The Vandal football team has suffered injury after injury after injury. At one point we had something like 11 injuries, mostly starters. We won the first two games (big blow outs), suffered injuries and more injuries, lost the next two games, and then won again this past week. Hopefully we are over the "injury hump" and can get back on our feet again. We are open this week, so we'll get a little break, and a little extra snuggle time with Daddy, which will be nice. We're also off from school the rest of the week for Fall Break. What a great concept!! We have never been to a school who let out for a Fall Break before, so we are super excited. We had school Monday and Tuesday (today), and then Wednesday is just a teacher workday, and then we're out for the rest of the week! Woohooo!

Well, it's time for me to go relieve the babysitter, so I need to go. I'm attaching some pictures that we took at the Vandals' awesome new stadium. Hope you enjoy them! Later alligators!