Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back in the Groove!

Well, I am FINALLY updating the blog! I'm sorry it has taken me this long to write a simple little update! Life has taken on a new form of BUSY. Wow. We have no time to sit. No time to think. No time for ANYHING other than the bare necessities! Pure craziness!

Let me first start by saying (for those of you who don't know), AVERY IS WALKING!! She still crawls quite a bit, but the child can walk. :) She got so used to being carried everywhere that she just flat "preferred" it. BUT, she has suddenly decided that she can walk, and she's getting braver and braver as the days go on. She can walk clear across the room at times, and other times she falls after a few steps. But, she's getting the hang of it, and she's doing great!!

We have been doing very well. Summer ended so fast, and school is upon us. Jason and I started last week, but yesterday (Monday 8/24) was the first day with students. I literally thought my feet were going to fall OFF. My entire body aches, LOL. I've decided I need to go shopping for some comfortable shoes and a huge bottle of Advil. I'm not used to being on my feet this much, and I'm a baby! haha I'm used to having roughly 65(ish) freshmen, and now I have 147! I'm also used to having 4 classes of English each day, and now I have seven. I'm used to having roughly 15-20 in each class, and now I have as many as 26 in some classes! Waaaaaahhh. LOL Today is a much better day. The first day is always the hardest.

We are LOVING Van, Texas. Everything about it! Life is crazyyyy and hectic, but life is good. I'm only attaching one picture. This is the quick snapshot that the journalism department took of our family on "Media Day." This will be the picture that is in the football programs every Friday night at the home games. We did get our family pictures made, but I don't have those pictures yet, so I'll have to post them later. I also have some snapshots of the girls that I will upload later. I'm in a time crunch at the moment (imagine that, lol). Hope everyone is doing well! More later...