Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday Party: We're One!!

We just absolutely cannot believe it has been one whole year since God gave us His most precious gifts, Avery & Kenadee. The time goes by way too fast. Every single day that passes, we know how blessed we are, and we are eternally grateful for our two angels. This has truly been the best year of our lives. We look forward to many, many, MANY more!!

The girls had a fantastic birthday party! We had a Sesame Street theme, really cute cakes and decorations, very yummy food, lots of presents, tons of friends and family, and most importantly, two VERY cute guests of honor! :)) There are tons of pictures, and they pretty much tell the story! By the way, if you missed the Spring Break post below, go check it out. Tons more pics there! ENJOY!!

Spring Break 2009

We had a great Spring Break this year...the very best ever!! We took the girls to Dallas for a few days, and while we were there we went to the Dallas Mavericks game. Oh, and while we were there, we ate at Hooters before the game...we bought the girls some cute little baby Hooters shirts, lol, and our waitresses came to our table and asked if they could please have their pictures made with Avery & Kenadee! So, while they were huddled up, we got one with our camera too! We had an awesome trip, and the girls did great! When we got back home (Wednesday), we began the final preparations for the big birthday party! On Thursday, Avery & Kenadee turned ONE! Since their birthday party wasn't until Saturday, we took them to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate. They had a really good time. We weren't sure if they'd really be big enough to do anything there or appreciate it, but surprisingly, they were able to ride some rides, and they LOVED Chuck E. He came by and held them for a picture, and despite my many efforts, I could not get Kenadee to look at me. She was completely enamored with Chuck E. :) I had so many pictures of Spring Break & Birthday Party that I am splitting them into two separate posts. Birthday party pictures to come! Enjoy!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Chillin' with Uncle Ryano!

Kenadee, Uncle Ryan, Avery
Kenadee Doing Some Serious Driving...Watch Out!
Avery...Smiling as Usual!
Kenadee With A Mohawk
Kenadee, Avery (Mohawk Babes!)
The girls had a great week! Uncle Ryan was on his Spring Break so he came to visit and kept Avery & Kenadee for the first three days of the week while Jason and I went to work. The girls had so much fun (and we're pretty sure Uncle Ryan enjoyed it too)! While he was visiting, we had a little fun with the girls' hair. We did mohawks and boy did they look good!

As for updates, Avery is now crawling all over the place and today for the first time she pulled herself all the way up to a standing position. She's been pulling up for a while now, but only to her knees and then would just look at you, pleading for help :) But, today she pulled all the way up by herself. Kenadee is now trying to walk everywhere. She's still pretty wobbly, but she can walk clear across the room by herself. You just have to be very closeby because at any point, she could hit the floor. :)

Kenadee is now freely giving kisses to Momma and Daddy. It's our favorite thing ever! We say, "Kenadee, kiss Momma!" and turn a cheek toward her and brace ourselves for LOTS of wet sloppy slobber :) We tried getting Avery to give them, and she will sometimes, but it's usually head-on instead of on the cheek, and it's only when SHE wants to. LOL

Tomorrow (well, actually later today, considering I'm updating this at 1:30am!) we're taking the girls to the Fort Worth Zoo! They LOVE animals so it should be a lot of fun, and we are going to do a little "early celebrating" for their birthday. Then Tuesday we're all going to the Mavericks game! We got cute little shirts made for them (Thanks, Aunt Patsy!) and they'll be the cutest little Mavs fans there, no doubt! :) We can't believe our babies are about to turn ONE! They'll be the big ONE on Thursday (3/19). We'll be having their first birthday party on Saturday (3/21)! Lots more pictures to come! That's it for now...ENJOY!