Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 Months Old!!!

Well, we are officially 6 months old!! Where does the time go?? This has been the best 6 months of Momma & Daddy's lives. It has gone by so fast...seems like just yesterday we were just getting home from Cooks with our brand new babies. Boy, it goes by fast!

Avery & Kenadee are now eating 3 meals a day. They have a fruit for breakfast, a vegetable for lunch, and a vegetable AND fruit for supper. They, of course, still have their formula too, but they are eating "real" food like champs!

Avery now has 2 teeth centered on the bottom row. They are SO cute (and as sharp as little steak knives, lol). Kenadee drools like a little maniac, but she doesn't have any teeth yet (or even the start of teeth as far as I can see or feel).

They have their 6 month check-up with the best pediatrician in the world, Dr. Yap, on Thursday of this week. So, we will update the blog again after that appointment. The pictures you see are the 6 month pictures we had taken at Sears the other day. Hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Video of Chatter & Laughs!

We wanted everyone to see how much fun we have together and see how much we like to talk! :) Enjoy the video!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Growing like weeds...

Let's see...there's not a lot to report from this past week. We've just been hanging out and having a good time. Daddy's been working extra long & hard, and we miss him a lot. We try to spend as much time with him as possible, and when he's gone we try to find ways to entertain ourselves until he's back home with us.

Both babies have been drooling (teething) for a while now, but only Avery has any proof of it. She is cutting two teeth. They've been visible for about two weeks now, but they haven't broken through the skin yet. They are side by side in the middle of the bottom row. They're going to be sooo cute when they come all the way in. I did take a picture of them as they are right now, but when I tried to post it on here, it was too small to actually see. Maybe I can get a better one when they're a little more visible. Kenadee actually drools more than Avery, but we can't see or feel anything coming in just yet on her.

Avery & Kenadee are both BIG fans of applesauce and pears! YAY! Fruits we actually like!! And, Momma & Daddy tasted both...and they are DELICIOUS!! It's not that they don't like fruit (as we had previously worried when they turned down peaches & bananas), it's just that they have GOOD taste in fruit. haha

Our new babysitter is AMAZING. We love her to pieces. The girls have a great time with her & she is so good with them. God has a way of working things out...that's all I can say!

We're getting very close to being 6 months old (19th of this month). We will be going to get our professional 6 month pictures done soon, so we will post those when we get them done. Hope you enjoy the snapshots from this past week. They are growing like weeds!! And, they are such happy, sweet & precious baby girls. That's it for this time! ENJOY!