Sunday, April 26, 2009

Going once, Going twice, SOLD! :)

Avery & Kenadee (During the garage sale)

Avery, Kenadee

Avery & Kenadee playing with their musical table

Avery, Kenadee

We had a garage sale yesterday and it went great! We sold out completely! We sold everything we intended on selling (all the big stuff and a lot of the small stuff), and then a very nice man came by and paid us for everything we had left AND hauled it off for us! YAY! We were so excited that we sold out, had everything cleaned up, and were eating lunch by 1:30pm! Yippie! Thank you, Lord! The girls enjoyed their weekend as well, even though they haven't felt great lately (Pink eye, fever, and tons of's been a blast, lol). Gran & PawPaw came down to help with the garage sale and the babies so that's probably why it went so smoothly! Avery is a BIG PawPaw fan! She teared up when I got her to give her hugs and kisses after she woke up. She started crying and reaching for PawPaw...made me feel sad, lol, but it sure made PawPaw's day! Anyway, we had a great weekend, a great garage sale, and now we're looking forward to another super crazy & hectic week! They've all been that way lately! I'll update when I have more to report...but that's it for now! :)

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