Monday, June 15, 2009

Quick Update...

This is going to be QUICK. I'm on a borrowed computer & time is limited. My camera batteries are dead (and I keep forgetting to recharge them) so the pictures of our new house will have to be in a later post. Things have been good. We are all settled into our new home in Van and we LOVE IT! We are doing great & the girls have adjusted well! The humidity, which many would complain about, has been wonderful for the girls. When we lived in Henrietta, we had to run the humidifier every night so they could have some peace! But, in Van, the humidifier is no longer necessary! The girls have been doing GREAT since the move. We all have. We're still waiting on the delivery of our new sofa, so when that gets here and I get some pictures of the house, I'll be sure to update. The thing is...we have no home internet. We only have internet on our phones because there's no decent internet service in our new area. So, we can still do email, facebook, etc, but it's all from our phones. The updating of the blog has to be done on a regular computer, so we can only do that when we're at someone's house or at the school. I'll try to get it updated as I can, but it's going to be few and far between for a little while. But, we are doing great & enjoying our new home! Sorry there aren't any pictures this time...I'll do better. Gotta go charge my camera batteries! Later alligators!

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JENN said...

You seem so busy & excited to be living so close to your family and whatnot, I'm happpy for you! I'm gonna miss you though. I guess we'll have to find other ways to freak out about One Tree Hill. :) Your babies are precious! I loved looking at all the pictures! Well, I just wanted to drop in and wish you the best!

Love Your Mini-Me,