Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10 Months Old...Some Updates!

Avery & Kenadee (Can You Tell They Love Each Other??)
Kenadee & Avery in the Tub

This one's blurry, but I love their expressions! They love playing together!

Avery & Her Friend, Delana

Kenadee, All Smiles in Her Exersaucer

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. We've all been battling the "crud." The girls still have runny noses, but overall, we're all doing great now! YAY! I'm just going to give some updates this time b/c a lot has happened since the last post.
Avery and Kenadee are both talking away...they both say "Momma", "Da-Da", "Hi", and "Hey". Mostly, the "Hi" and "Hey" are when they're in the mood, but we hear "Momma" and "Da-Da" all day long! It's awesome! :) Both babies are mastering the art of waving. It looks so cute! They love to wave "Hi" and "Bye-Bye" to anyone and everyone! :)
Kenadee is very mobile. She is all over this house! We spend our extra time in the day chasing her from one end of the house to another, haha. She is pulling up on all the furniture and walking down it (cruising). She has to hold on, of course, but it won't be long until she's walking on her own...she really wants to! Avery is not crawling yet, but she's showing major improvements. She was behind in the "motor" department because of having her arms in arm boards for 5 weeks. So, she has had to really work to strengthen her arms and legs. She is getting much stronger, and will now stand up (if you put her up...she can't pull up on her own yet) for extended periods of time holding on to something. She loves jumping in the jumperoo and we think that has really helped to get her strong again. She's showing the desire to crawl. She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. So, it won't be long. She had a lot of catching up to do, and she's done GREAT!!
Both babies are still eating stage 2 foods. We tried stage 3 baby food, but they have big chunks of peas and whatever else in them and they tend to gag on every bite. So, we have stayed with stage 2 foods for the most part. We've started giving them little bites of our food when we eat, and as long as it's really small bites, they can/will eat it. They love to eat those little Gerber puffs. It's their weakness, haha :) They could eat an entire container at once if I'd let them, I think!
Daddy is leaving tomorrow to go to a football coaching clinic, so Gran is coming to stay! We will be sad to not have Daddy around, but we are excited that Gran will be here!! The girls are going to be dedicated at church on Sunday so Gran will still be here for that! We will definitely post again afterwards because they will be all dolled up in their beautiful new dresses! So, stay tuned!

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