Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

2009 is here! I can hardly believe it. 2008 went by so incredibly fast. It was the single best year of our entire lives. God truly blessed us this past year, and we give Him all the glory for the many blessings he has given us. Avery & Kenadee are the joys of our lives. And, they continue to grow and change so fast! Where did the past 9 months go?? We are looking forward to a wonderful New Year. We hope and pray that 2009 is a very blessed year for you as well.
Avery & Kenadee had their 9 month appointment with our pediatrician, Dr. Yap, on Tuesday, 12/30. Everything was just fine and dandy! Avery weighed in at 17lb 4oz, and Kenadee weighed 20lb 2oz. Avery was 29 inches long, and Kenadee was 30 inches. The girls really love Dr. Yap. He is so good with them, and they just smile and stare at him while he talks to them and examines them. Kenadee was really funny at the doctor's office. She has gotten to where she's a little shy and bashful from time to time. While Dr. Yap was talking to me and Jason, Kenadee started smiling and waving at him. And, when he said, "Are you waving at me Kenadee?", she smiled and then buried her head into my chest. It was the cutest thing.
Avery is quite a bit behind Kenadee in the motor skills department, but Dr. Yap said that is perfectly normal considering her circumstances. Having had those arm bands on her arms for 5 weeks, it put her a little behind, and they're going to help us get her back up to speed. As far as their updates go: Kenadee has 2.5 teeth (two bottom, and a half of one on the top) & Avery has 4.5 teeth (two top, two bottom, and one more coming in on the top). Kenadee does not only say Da-Da now...SHE SAYS MOMMA!! Yahooo! I never thought I'd see the day. And, the best part is, Avery says it too...only when she says it, she doesn't say the first "M". It sounds more like, "Omma", and she mainly says it when she's crying or fussing (go figure!). But it IS awesome to hear BOTH my babies say my name. I love, love, LOVE IT! Kenadee also says something that sounds an awful lot like "Sissy", and she waves bye-bye when she's in the mood. Kenadee surprised us the other day also by pulling herself up from a sitting position to standing all the way up! It happened just all of a sudden, and NOW every single time we go in her room after a nap, she's STANDING there to greet us! My babies are getting so big. I don't want them to grow up ... yet.
Everything here is going great. School is starting back already which we're not quite ready for (the Christmas break flew by way too fast, but what do you expect when you take a ten-day trip?). But, we had a wonderful Christmas, got to visit with lots of family and friends, had many changes with the girls, and made many wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. From our family to yours....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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